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Chemical Pump Stations

Safety improvement for people and the environment.
Three different chemicals are added for process control of one of the processes. These chemicals are contained in Varioboxes and as soon as these were empty, new Varioboxes had to be transported through the production hall.

This is not desirable for the safety of people and the environment. The Varioboxes are now permanently installed at the process and by means of the Varioboxes are filled from the outside at three different pump stations.

Industrial Automation Support B.V. was allowed to supply, install and commission the electrical engineering, hardware and PLC software for this.

The engineering was neatly carried out in EPLAN Electric P8 and the PLC software was written in the Siemens TIA portal.
A nice additional feature;
Because of the budget, an HMI panel per station was not chosen. Instead, the pump stations can be accessed via their own web page per web browser for parameters, alarms and troubleshooting.